About MyInteractiveVisionLLC

MyInteractiveVisionLLC is a Digital Out-of-Home Media Company that created MyVisionSystem™, a truly “Interactive Information Delivery System” that is an IP software based video solution utilizing cell phones as a personal remote control. MyVisionSystem™ is the ultimate user-friendly interactive information delivery system delivering live real time information on large screen TV’s. It has a dynamic visually appealing interface, it delivers personalized interactive information, it offers location specific targeted advertising, it uses rich media integrated advertising in HD video and it is a targeted and verifiable advertising media.

Our first Digital Out-of-Home Media Network is called MySportsVision™ and is designed to provide real-time Fantasy Sports Information in Sports Bars all across America.

For more information please send us an email with your business name, address, phone number, email address and contact person. We will then send you an email when MySportsVision™ is introduced in your area..

Mission Statement

"MyInteractiveVisionLLC’s mission is to be the leader in Out-of-Home Interactive Digital Media in venues that combine real-time live content with social interaction, as well as to empower an interactive connection between patrons and advertisers."

The Management Team

The management team is a unique blend of seasoned experienced professionals that have successfully grown high tech business in the streaming media, Internet service provider and cellular phone industries. The blend of talent includes businesses management, leadership and motivation, dynamic sales and marketing experience, plus excellent programming skills. The team has a unique blend of major corporate experience and entrepreneurial skill sets.

For more inforation please email us: MyInteractiveVision, LLC

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in Sports Bars all across America